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orthodoxy, but, given the subject under the discussion, the legomena of the theophanies, it cannot hide a certain confusion, or at least ambiguity. Just exactly who or what is it that appeared in the Old Testament manifestations, as well as to Stephen in Acts? Epiphanius seems to be unclear. Is the autou of the legomena the Son? or God in general, the divine nature itself, thus the "unfathomable spirit" and "incomprehensible glory" which recall Cassian on the vision of the Son's divinitas ? The tradition that we find often in such Pre-nicene writers as Justin Martyr, Clement, Tertullian, or most of the rest whom I am aware of [37], that the subject of the Old Testament theophanies is the Second Person, appears to have been obscured. Indeed, I think that Nicea may be the difficulty. Ephiphanius is struggling to be fully Nicene, and running into a problem, specifically: what to do with the imago and, relatedly, the visio Dei . If it is the Second Person who, while homoousios to patri , has uniquely taken on flesh in order to unite the latter to the same, unique and shared divinity, it also appears to be the case that, for this church father, it is the divine nature or essence which comprises at once the basis of the image in Adam and that glory which is disclosed in the theophanies of the Old and New Covenants. Once more, we also find the same language of glory which we met in Cassian, and which we also saw linked to the same issues, divine essence, the imago , and the vision or manifestation of God, save that now we have a broader array of disputed texts: :26, together with 2:7 and 9:6, with respect to the image of God, and a cluster of other Old Testament passages, among which I would especially like to underline Is. 6:1ff, 66:1, and :9ff, with their common imagery of the glorious figure of God enthroned, whether in the temple, as in , or in heaven, :1 and :9. But the question remains, just who is that figure, and what does his form signify?

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In the 2000s, Emanem joined Evan Parker 's Psi and Eddie Prévost 's Matchless label to present Freedom of the City, an annual improvised-music festival in London. Though its size and scope vary from year to year depending on funding, it continued as an annual event for several years, with many of the recorded performances issued on either Emanem or Matchless.

John Russell - AnalektaJohn Russell - AnalektaJohn Russell - Analekta