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Norman had been timing the stalls, and they were indeed exactly twenty-eight minutes apart, without fail. Lucky for them, the town was so small they rarely needed more time than that to get to where they needed to go.

After a nuclear war, the people of the planet Davanna developed an incurable blood disease. One of its citizens is sent to Earth to examine the blood of the humans for its usefulness in curing Davanna's dying race. The intruder ( Paul Birch ) has adopted the name Mr. Johnson, conspicuous only for his oversensitive ears and his sunglasses, which he wears even in the dark. The sunglasses hide his blank, white-eyed stare which kills his victims by burning through their eyes and into their brains. He is answerable to an authority on Davanna with whom he can communicate through a device hidden behind a sliding panel in his house. His servant, Jeremy, provides him support and protection, but is unaware of his alien nature.

Neil Norman - Not Of This EarthNeil Norman - Not Of This EarthNeil Norman - Not Of This EarthNeil Norman - Not Of This Earth