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Penny, however, is also a very sensitive person, as she can be easily hurt. Such can be seen on " The Meddler ," in which Gumball's accidental slip-up of words cause her to cry, and later, nearly mess up her cheerleading performance. " The Storm " showcases this trait again, as she has nothing but cynicism after she is misled into believing Gumball intentionally kissed Carmen . Penny also tears up when Rob's language change in " The Disaster " causes Gumball to sound like he's shouting at her.

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He later appears in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #8 during the battle with Nightmare Rarity's shadow creatures where he is seen trying to get his sonic screwdriver to work whilst a shadow creature looks at him confused.

That was overwhelmingly the case in the first half, with Oldham producing an assured performance full of incisive passing, sharp movement and comfort on the ball, by contrast.

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Cameo - SparkleCameo - SparkleCameo - SparkleCameo - Sparkle