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The title of viscount ( Irish : bíocunta ) was introduced to the Peerage of Ireland in 1478 with the creation of the title of Viscount Gormanston , the senior viscountcy of Britain and Ireland, held today by Jenico Preston, 17th Viscount Gormanston . Other early Irish viscountcies were Viscount Baltinglass (1541), Viscount Clontarf (1541), Viscount Mountgarret (1550) and Viscount Decies (1569).

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The family's devotion to the French crown left Rochechouart itself dangerously exposed throughout the Hundred Years' War . Viscount Jean fought at the battle of Crécy in 1346, surviving its decimation of the French nobility. In the wake of this defeat, the English king's captain Henry of Lancaster used his troops to devastate Poitou and its environs. Rochechouart resisted him for several days before falling to him, and the city was sacked and occupied in 12 days, with 600 people killed. Ten years later, in 1356, Jean was killed in the carnage of the battle of Poitiers whilst interposing himself to save the life of John II . The following year the Treaty of Brétigny granted Poitou and Limousin to the crown of England. Rochechouart was thus delivered up to the English in 1362. Nevertheless, Jean's son Louis refused to submit to the troops of Edward III and the Black Prince and was imprisoned by the latter in 1364. When he was freed, he rushed to the court of Charles V to renew his allegiance and rejoin Bertrand du Guesclin 's troops. Reprisals for this came swiftly, with English troops allied to local French lords unsuccessfully laying siege to Rochechouart, recaptured several times by the viscounts. The town and castle's fortifications remained unbroken, but the surrounding lands were pillaged and devastated. The French king himself sympathised and granted the viscount the châtellenie of Rochefort . Louis de Rochechouart, councillor and chamberlain of Charles V, and his lieutenant in Limousin, fought on Du Guesclin's side in the reconquest of Poitou in 1372-1373.

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To understand the rarity of works like these, one need only to examine the NBTHK's Juyo Token index. All the smiths of Sanjo and Gojo schools combined account for and 17, and 16 Juyo Token respectively at the time of writing. Consider that a good Shinto smith like Omi Daijo Tadahiro or Nidai Echigo no Kami Kanesada by themselves have achieved 140 and 80 Juyo each. It is not for lack of quality that these Ko Kyo pieces are not Juyo, but that they simply do not exist in large quantities.

27 August 1947
Ministry of Supply approved the fitment of Rolls-Royce Dart Mark 502 engines in place of the Armstrong Siddeley Mambas before assembly was finalised. The airframe was built at Foxwarren, Surrey, England.

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The Viscounts - One Of The GuysThe Viscounts - One Of The GuysThe Viscounts - One Of The GuysThe Viscounts - One Of The Guys